Senior .NET Developer

OrangeMelons is expanding its team. We are looking for .NET Developers with 3+ years experience.


Are you our new colleague who will offer IT vitamins to our Dutch clients? If you feel that you have the right level of "nerd" then don't hesitate to upload your CV in the form below.
Senior .NET Developer
This should be in your technical toolbox:
▶ .NET (C#), ASP.Net Core
▶ Knowledgable with Azure
▶ Relational databases (like SQL)
▶ Understanding frontend technologies (JScript, HTML 5, CSS, etc)
▶ Git
▶ Docker

How to define that you have the right level of nerd to become a Melonhead 

Love a technical challenge
Aren’t intimidated by complexity or scale
Always strive for elegant, superior solutions
Are able to design, plan and implement large changes incrementally
Are eager to learn new tools/frameworks/languages when necessary
Enjoy thinking out of the box
Are able to identify the right tools for the right problems

Let’s stick our (Melon)heads together.

We spreken graag verder om alle opties door te lopen. Om te zien hoe en waarmee we jullie kunnen ondersteunen. Met een compleet software team, een tijdelijke of langdurige opschaling van jullie IT-capaciteit dan wel een strategische samenwerking.

Melonhead Bas spreekt je graag!